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Our Mission

SEAPA's Mission is to provide the lowest wholesale power rate consistent with sound utility planning and business practices. We exist for the long-term benefit of our member utilities and the rate payers, providing unified regional leadership for project development and prudent management of our interconnected power system.

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  • SEAPA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of individuals appointed by the Mayors of each of SEAPA’s member communities


Notice of Special Board Meeting:

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors of the Southeast Alaska Power Agency (SEAPA) will hold a Special Board Meeting on August 30, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. AKDT, via teleconference, in the offices of the Southeast Alaska Power Agency, 1900 First Avenue, Suite 318, Ketchikan, Alaska.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss three contracts, a budget increase and change order, and a resolution appointing the Agency's CEO to serve on the Alaska Power Association's Board of Directors.  For additional information, please call 907.228.2281.

Notice of SEAPA Regular Board Meeting:

Notice is hereby given that the Southeast Alaska Power Agency ('SEAPA') will hold its next regular board meeting at the Sunny Point Ballroom in The Landing Hotel, in Ketchikan, Alaska, from 9 am to 5 pm AKDT on September 28, 2017.  For additional information, please call 907.228.2281.  




Member Communities (Utilities)


"Southeast communities have a long history of working toward energy independence by collaborating on power generation and transmission," says Alaska State Senator, Bert Stedman. "What we want to do is generate our energy off of renewable sources like hydro versus carbon-based, and control our own energy."